Columbia Boudoir

Yeah she's hot. So are you.

We make sexy pictures of sexy ladies.

Hey there, Lovely.

We're boudoir photographers in Columbia, SC and we are delighted that you're here!
Whether you decide to get a boudoir session to surprise your new (or slightly-used) husband, to celebrate a milestone, or just because you love reveling in your glorious femininity, we're here to help.
To learn about having exquisitely sexy photos made of you, visit the "Start here" link at the top, or just click this button:
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Everything You Need to Know


It takes bravery to be here, thinking about getting partly, mostly, or totally naked in front of a camera. We want to make sure that when you choose us to photograph your boudoir session it's one of the best decisions you'll ever make, and on this page, you'll find the information you'll need to make that decision.

About Us

We’re Charlotte and Roman DePlume, boudoir photographers here in Columbia, South Carolina. (No, those aren’t our real names, but we’re pretty sure our mothers have figured out how to use “The Google” at this point.) We make gorgeous photos of fun, sexy women who are in love with their husbands, fiancés, or just with the amazing way God has made them.

We’re a married couple who are crazy in love with one another. (Seriously, it’s kind of gross at times.) We know that a great marriage runs on more than just friendship, love, and respect; it also needs desire. Eros. Passion! That’s why we work so hard to create photos our clients love that drive their husbands crazy.

That’s right. Being sexy is serious business! But with us it’s also guaranteed to be a little silly. Over and over, our clients tell us they were amazed by how comfortable they were during the shoot and how much fun they had. Yeah, we’ll get that deadpan supermodel look, but don’t be surprised if we’re all cracking up between takes because, let’s face it, you’re never going to do Blue Steel as well as Ben Stiller. Here’s what some of our clients have said about their sessions:

-"I was very nervous about showing my body but Charlotte and Roman flawlessly helped me reach a level of comfort I never would have thought possible. I felt 100% safe and at ease with them at all times."
-"The boudoir shoot was so much fun! I was nervous about it at first but Charlotte made me super comfortable. I felt like a supermodel the whole time."
-"I was a little nervous at first, but with Charlotte, I have never, ever felt more beautiful and I was completely able to relax and have an absolute blast."

We’ve been shooting boudoir together for six years and have been behind the camera for much longer. Because of that, we can walk you through every step of the process to make sure you know what to do to get gorgeous images. Worried that you don’t know how to pose? No problem. We do. Worried that you won’t know what to wear? No problem. We’ll help you pick out the outfits (or lack of outfit) to best flaunt what you’ve got.

We’d love to make breathtaking images of you, so if you’re ready to sit down with us and start planning your session, click the button below to get in touch now.
Say hello

What is a session like?

In a word, fun!
In several more words:
We'll shoot at our home studio or, if you prefer, your home or a local hotel (Ask us about our favorites.). Charlotte will look over your wardrobe and help you select outfits that flatter you and will look great on our sets.
The shoot itself is fun and relaxed, but kind of a workout! 🙂 We'll pose you to highlight your best features and bring out the elegant, seductive woman that you really are. The whole time we'll be giving you encouragement and feedback to make your photos something that you'll cherish and he'll drool over for years to come!

Your Session

Your Session

A boudoir session, which usually lasts about 3 hours, is $150. You order only the images you love at your personal viewing session. Prints, digital files, and albums are available, with most clients spending an average of $900.


4x6 Hand-Mounted Album

This purse-sized "mooless" leather album holds your ten favorite images from your session.

8.5"x11" Press-Printed Album

Custom handmade album with hinged pages printed on 80-90 lb cover weight paper. Arrives in a black presentation box. Includes your 20 favorite images. Additional images are $30 each.

10"x10" Flush-Mount Album

20 of your favorite images mounted in our most luxurious album, enclosed in a sueded black slipcover. Additional images are $45 each.


Want to see your sexy self every day? We have a wide range of prints available, everything from ready-to-frame 11"x14" photos for $100 to 40"x60" canvas gallery wraps for $1800. Schedule your free consultation to see all your choices!

Delicious Add-Ons

All Your Files, Safe and Sound

Your preview slideshow, plus all the finished images from your session sized perfectly for smartphone surprises, stored on an encrypted thumb drive so they stay for your eyes only.

Monthly Morsels

12 wallet-sized images perfect for placing on a pillow or surreptitiously slipping into a wallet. Use these delectable treats to tease him throughout the year.
Available with any album purchase.

Keep it Simple, Sexy

This sumptuous collection includes several of our most tantalizing treats along with a delicious discount. Get an 8.5x11” press-print album with 30 images, all your files on an encrypted thumb drive as well as an order of monthly morsels: a $2,100 value, all for $1470.

"Not only was it an incredible gift that I could give to my husband on our wedding night but it was such an intimate time for me to be able to feel beautiful and confident in my own skin."



I’m not 22 years old or 95 pounds. Is that okay?

Heck yes. Sure, there’s a whole industry out there trying to tell you that you’re not young, skinny, and hairless enough to be attractive and that, frankly, is bullshit. All the photos you see of actresses and models are taken by professional photographers and professionally retouched, just like yours are going to be. Isn’t it time to even the score?

Are my photos going to be retouched?

Roman is a wizard with Photoshop, and we’re not going to show you any image that doesn’t look gorgeous. We’re also not going to make you look plastic or like somebody else, just yourself on a very, very good day.

How does this all go down?

First you come over to our home studio for a consultation. There you’ll get to know us, figure out that we’re very cool and fun to be around, talk about what you want from your shoot and how to get it and, finally, schedule your session.
Next you’ll come in for your session which will last between 3 and 4 hours. Expect to be tired at the end of it, but to feel fantastic!
Two weeks later you’ll come back to view your photos (usually between 30 and 40), marvel at how amazingly sexy you look, and choose what you’d like to order.
Finally, your order will arrive and you’ll marvel (again) at how amazingly sexy you are.

Do you provide hair and makeup?

Hair and makeup are a very personal thing and it’s important to us that you look like you in your photos. Because of that, we suggest you have your hair and makeup done by someone who knows you and your style, or else do it yourself. Charlotte will also give you tips on what to do or request to turn it up a notch for your session.

How long before I see my photos and get my album?

You’ll get to see your photos at your ordering session about two weeks after the shoot. After you’ve made your choices, products will arrive in between two and four weeks depending on what you get.

Do you provide lingerie or should I bring my own?

Do you really want to wear somebody else’s thong?
We didn’t think so.
We have some cool accessories and props, but you should bring lingerie that fits you, as well as anything personal that he’ll love to see you in. We’ve had a lot of fun with sports jerseys, military uniforms, and the occasional Halloween costume. We’ll also talk with you more about wardrobe at your consultation.

Are you going to post my pictures on your website?

We will never show your photos to anyone without your written permission. We hope you’ll love your photos so much that you’ll want the whole world to see them, but we completely understand a desire for privacy and discretion.

I’d prefer to be photographed by a female. Can just Charlotte be my photographer?

Absolutely. Although we think there’s a great deal of value in the vision that each of us brings, we also understand that desire and are happy to accommodate you.

How can I get to know you better?

Aw, that's so sweet! Why don't you follow us on Instagram. We're not too chatty, but we do post some beautiful photos there.

What should I do next?

Get in touch to schedule your consultation where you can book your session!


Boudoir photography, for me was one of the best things that I could have done for myself. After having children, a woman's perspective of her own body can often be skewed from the beauty that everyone else sees, particularly our own spouse's. Being told you're beautiful is always a confidence booster, however, seeing your spouse react to provocative images of you gives an intoxicating boost to your self-esteem.

During my session, I was very nervous about showing my body but, Roman and Charlotte flawlessly helped me reach a level of comfort that I never would have thought possible for myself. I felt 100% safe and at ease with them at all times.
My favorite thing about this team is that they are excited and open to whatever idea you might have. I was truly sad when my session ended and cannot wait to do it again!


"Having a boudoir shoot was the most empowering and beautiful experience that I have ever enjoyed and I plan on doing it again in the future. Charlotte made it more than comfortable and I recommend it to any woman of any age, not to just be captured by any person with a camera, but a person with a passion for empowering women in the body that they have been blessed with."

Ms. A

“My husband absolutely loves his pictures and can’t wait for me to take more!”

Mrs. J

“I left my shoot feeling like I was the latest muse in an art exhibit.”

From a bride:

"Charlotte made me feel so beautiful throughout our entire session, so much so that I recommend this type of photography to all of my friends who are soon-to-be married or who have been married for 30+ years."


“My husband says it’s the best Valentines gift he has ever received.”

Oh My Blog!


Madame P.’s Boudoir Session

OH. MY. GOD. It’s me? Are you sure? Thank you so much, these photos are…

September 3, 2015

Calvin-Klein-inspired boudoir photo


Mrs. J’s Boudoir Session

Mrs. J came to us back at the end of 2013 for her boudoir session….

September 4, 2014

Dark Boudoir

Bright Boudoir

Dark Boudoir, Maternity Boudoir

Black and White, Dark Boudoir

Dark Boudoir

Black and White, Dark Boudoir

Bright Boudoir

Bright Boudoir

Black and White

Bright Boudoir

Bright Boudoir, Maternity Boudoir

Black and White

Dark Boudoir

Back in black (lingerie)

Dark Boudoir

Bright Boudoir

Bright Boudoir

Bright Boudoir

Black and White

Dark Boudoir

Maternity Boudoir

Maternity boudoir

Black and White, Dark Boudoir, Maternity Boudoir

Maternity Boudoir

Bright Boudoir

Black and White, Dark Boudoir

Dark Boudoir

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Contact Us

Contact Us

Do you have questions? Are you ready to book your free consultation? Get in touch! We'd love to hear from you!
  • Call us at 803-574-2882.
    (Due to robocallers, we screen all our calls, so please leave us a message and we'll get back to you quickly.)

  • Email us at

  • Use the contact form to reach us.

"My boudoir photo session with Charlotte was, hands down, the best decision I made during my entire wedding planning process. I was a little nervous, but with Charlotte, I have never, ever felt more beautiful and I was completely able to relax and have an absolute blast. The book was waiting for my husband to view once we arrived at our hotel on our first night and he was so floored he leapt off the bed. It was an amazing moment, and the perfect wedding gift for my beloved."

“The time during the photoshoot and then watching my husband’s face as he looked at the pictures are times when I've felt the sexist in my life. I'm so glad that I had that experience. Thank you for making me feel so comfortable through it all.”

-Mrs. H


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