Columbia Boudoir


Madame P.’s Boudoir Session

OH. MY. GOD. It’s me? Are you sure?
Thank you so much, these photos are awesome.
-Madame P.

I love getting responses like this when we unveil a client’s photos, but at the same time, I wish it didn’t happen quite so often. Madame P is gorgeous–there’s simply no question about that. She’s also works full-time and is a mom to two kids. She’s beautiful and sexy, but she doesn’t get to feel that way nearly as often as she ought.

We love that part of our job is to take women out of the stress and pressure of everyday life and remind them what beautiful, desirable creatures they are.


In repose


We met Madame P. through social media and coordinated a shoot with her near her home while we were traveling in the area. While we love to work in our home studio here in Columbia, we’re always delighted to explore new places.




Madame P's beautiful back



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